Moiling for darkness

Here at Tinygogo headquarters we believe in celebrating Christmas, not so much with Santa, the tree or the questionable actual birthday of an important religious figure. We celebrate the return of light to the earth. Before this can happen we must go deep into the darkness. And tonight is the darkest longest night. 

Below is a tribute to the darkness. Facing our shadows--the fear and the emptiness--helps give us courage, strength and hope to carry on in a difficult world. There is no better tale which comes closer to this than The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. (Someday I'll find a recitation of this story on Youtube that is to my liking. For now you get this one.)  

This is sauna related because warmth and fire are both at the core of a good sauna and this story. Growing up in Alaska, I can certainly relate to Sam McGee's desire to warm his bones. Fire is part of what gives us humans courage to go deep into our spiritual cave.  

As we say in my family's sauna vernacular: "STFD, shut the fucking door! "

Merry Christmas everyone!

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