Perfect Sweat Summit

This is happening! While the rest of you suckers are toiling away at your desks, a select group of inspired thinkers, free spirits and artist-types will attend a special conclave in San Francisco to share stories, science and insight into one of life's most important topics: how to have a good sweat.

This will be the Perfect Sweat Summit and it will be held at Archimedes Banya in San Francisco March 11th and 12th.

Archimedes Banya is a fantastic facility. (I will write about it in a future post.) The building is an entirely from-the-ground-up bespoke design for the purposes of quality sweat bathing. It includes hot pools, a Finnish sauna, a three-story traditional Russian public-style banya and a steam room. Best of all, there is a fantastic 40 degree-ish cold plunge pool. The upper stories have a cafe/gathering space and there is a nice patio which overlooks San Francisco and the Bay. You couldn't pick a better spot for a gathering of sweat enthusiasts. 

Here is a list of the attending luminaries:

  • Mikkel Aaland, author of Sweat

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