Carson Hot Springs Resort gets an update

Here are a couple snaps of a cool new development at the venerable Carson Hot Springs.
Check out the pool that is going in on the right.

Here it is directly.

The new owners of the resort are putting in an outdoor soaking pool! I think this is a very good move for the facility. 

It was hard for me to see a way forward for the resort. Space is now limited with overbuilt new hotel rooms that were put in by a previous developer. (You can see one building in the photo above and there is a similar building right behind me from the photo above.) Also the wonderfully quirky old historic hotel and bath house (in the top photo) simply can't go. It is too historically important and a part of the cultural legacy of the region. But, honestly, the old soaking tubs and wraps are a little antiquated. It's a bathing method that is not for everyone. 

With the outdoor soaking pool, guests can will now take in the splendor of the Wind River Gorge while soaking in a more congenial, social setting. 

Another big bonus is that kids will be allowed in the facility. The bath house has traditionally had an age limit. Now families will soon be able to soak together outside!

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