Urban Adventure Bathing

Here Tinygogo introduces a new column: Urban Adventure Bathing.
It's a war out there. We live in an unnatural environment doing unnatural things: computers, cars, fast food, fashion. Sometimes it's all too much. I can't change the world but I can fight back in my own way. I may be stuck in a stressful full-time job but I can still sometimes escape and find respite by way of a relaxing sweat and/or soak. Bathing is my way of getting out of my head and reconnecting with my senses. I've learned that it's an important, fundamental aspect of having a quality meaningful life. 

There was once a soak and sauna facility that referred to itself as an "inner-city hot springs." It's a nice sentiment and there are certainly wonderful places like this that Tinygogo will share with this column. Others are more challenging. I say explore them all: the odd, bad and wonderful. Let's make it an adventure. 

Wake up body! Radical sensuality reappropriates our spirits from the artificially-sweetened media noise that is constantly attempting to possess us. Viva la revolution en paz. 

With Urban Adventure Bathing, Tinygogo plans to embark on a journey of discovery. Where can we go to have a good sauna, soak or steam? It's pretty rare that I can escape to an isolated natural hot springs or backwoods sauna. I have to make do with what I have here (mostly in Portland, Oregon). We can still find sensual escape within our concrete jungles. There are many options out there and this column will share them.