Union Steam Baths, Astoria Oregon

Just for the heck of it I'm posting these few photos of the Union Steam Baths in Astoria, Oregon. I am so bummed that I never had a chance to experience this place before it closed. A few inside photos can still be seen at this outdated website.

Union Steam Baths, Astoria Oregon

Union Steam Baths

The Finns have a lot of history in the lower Columbia River. Becky even has some ancestors who were part of this group. It's too bad that the community is dissolving to the point of not being able to support the community steam bath of Astoria. The old Finnish bakery, the Home Bakery, is still kicking. I never seem to make it to Astoria when it's open though.

Here's a pic of the Suomi Hall:
Union Steam Baths, Suomi Hall

To give a sense of the historical importance of the Union Steam Baths, the Suomi Hall, which is the old Finnish Social Club (hence the blue and white paint), is right across the street from the now-closed public steam bath.

I wonder if enough sauna enthusiasts could be brought together to persuade the current owner to fire up the boiler for a weekend?

I think there may have been a similar place in downtown Portland. I'll have to do more research on this one.