Sauna forehead rock removal

I’d been picking at a small zit at the upper center of my forehead for about two weeks now. It was really frustrating because it wouldn't go away. Tonight, in the family sauna, the picking intensified as the rolling sweat came on. This gave way to a very disturbing sensation of my fingernail scraping against something. It was weird because, in the calm dark silence of the sauna, I was more aware of my senses. I could feel and hear my finger nail grinding against something.

I had paranoid fears. Do I have a sebaceous crystal growing out of my skull? Sensing a pregnant moment, I put two forefinger fingernails together and squeezed really hard. Out came a small thing that I could feel by rolling between my fingers. It was a large piece of grit, perhaps even almost rock-ish. I couldn’t see it because it was too dark in the sauna but I could feel it and it didn’t crunch between my teeth. It was too hard.

This is perhaps an occasional hazard of wearing a helmet everyday. Stuff gets ground into your head and you don’t notice it until it is expelled by your body. Here is example of another health benefit of saunas: forehead rock removal.

No, I don't need to post a photo of this.