Winter squash harvest

Normally each year I plant green beans along the neighbor's fence line. The fence works well for vining green beans. This year I prepped the soil by digging in compost but then I didn't get around to planting the beans. Instead I noticed that volunteer squash/pumpkin/gourds were growing from the compost. I decided to let it go and see what became of it. Maybe I'd be giving the soil a "rest" by growing something else?

At various times in the summer the squash vines were absolutely beautiful. I loved the way they trailed up the fence. It looked very Art Nouveau.

Last night we ate a couple of the squash. Neither were as sweet as the delicata we normally buy but they were good enough. The photo is almost the total of our harvest. A few of the squash grew over to the neighbor's back yard and are still there. There were so many squash blossoms I'm kind of surprised we didn't get more of a harvest. Maybe we should have learned how to cook squash blossoms?

The pumpkin is a Cinderella pumpkin. Greta carved a "G" in it when it was smaller and now it's quite distinct.